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We can help insure teen drivers in Texas. Auto Insurance for young drivers
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Our agency offers many products that can be of value to you as a teen driver or a parent of a teen driver.


What to consider as your teen driver starts driving, courtesy of Allstate.


Watch the Teen Driver Commercial: Tail Lights, courtesy of Allstate


Call us to get a Free Drive It Right DVD. It is an excellent way to start the conversation between you and your teen.



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Do you have a Teen Driver? We can help :)

You are the strongest influence on your teen, especially when it comes to driving safely. That’s why Allstate created the Parent-Teen Driving Contract. It helps you talk together about the importance of safe driving. It lets you set guidelines and discuss consequences. Most importantly, it starts the conversation that might save your teen’s life. Our agency is committed to Teen safety and that is why we will give you a FREE Drive It Right DVD for teen drivers. It is an excellent way to start the conversation between you and your teen. Please give us a call and simply ask us to mail you the DVD or come by our office and pick one up... FREE :)

Download the Teen Driving contract to help your teen driver make a promise to you.

Added Protection for Parents
The odds of a teenage driver having an accident are high-in fact, 16-year-olds have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age. That's why families who have a teen driver should consider making sure their policies provide some extra protection.

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Safe Driving Bonus SM
With our Safe Driving Bonus you can get up to five percent off your renewal bill every six months you go without having an accident. You might consider using this as an incentive—giving or splitting the savings with your teen—to help them slow down, stop at red lights and stay off the phone when they’re driving. The Safe Driving Bonus SM is part of Your Choice Auto®, only from Allstate.

Accident Forgiveness
Accident Forgiveness starts the day you sign up and keeps your rates from going up just because of an accident. It’s a good way to protect your family—and your budget. Accident Forgiveness is part of Your Choice Auto®. Click here for a quote.

Deductible Rewards SM
Holding your teen accountable for the deductible is one way parents make their teen driver more responsible for their actions. With Deductible Rewards, you get $100 off your deductible when you sign up, and every year you both go without an accident your deductible goes down $100. Up to $500 total. So, the better driver you both are, the lower your deductible. Get a quote today!.

New Car Replacement
If yours is a one-car family, that means your teen is learning on the same car you rely on for everyday driving. If it gets totaled in an accident, the depreciated value may not cover much of the new car cost. But with New Car Replacement, if your new car gets totaled within the first three model years, you can get a totally new car, not just the depreciated value. Click here to learn more.

Incentives for Your Teen
Teens are notoriously unsafe drivers. According to a recent survey, 67 percent of them admitted that they felt unsafe when riding with a friend. So you may need more than just a bunch of rules to get them to drive safely. Financial incentives are a good place to start.

Good Student Discount
Your teen driver can save you money before they even get behind the wheel with the Good Student Discount. The better they are in the classroom, the bigger the discount you’ll get. Add a good student to your policy and you'll earn extra credit-up to 10-20 percent.

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auto insurance for young teenagers

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